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Originally known as “Betty Town”, Aurora has some of the biggest water views in Beaufort County.

Getting to Aurora takes a little patience, though, as it’s located in the most southern and eastern portion of Beaufort county. Highway 33 will eventually get you there, but first, you must pass through miles of open farmland and wind your way down to it. An alternate route is by ferry, you and your vehicle can board just outside of the historic town of Bath and enjoy the beautiful river ride.

This community is also known for their Fossil collection and Museum. Fossil enthusiasts and students from all over the world are intrigued by the prized discoveries found in the area. A large Phosphate mine north of town exposed the fossils while digging, and they continue to contribute to the vast fossil collection housed in Aurora. A visit to the museum allows tourists to participate in the search by sifting through freshly mined earth.

The town itself is sparsely populated with under 600 residents, although vacation rentals and second homes continue to add to the population on this part of the river. Homes vary a great deal here, and range from extremely modest to magazine-ready waterfront estates.

Aurora is fairly isolated, and most of the residents here prefer it that way. It’s stunningly beautiful by the water, and this remote corner of North Carolina is filled with rewards for those who discover it.

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